Pormpuraaw Art & Culture Centre

Pormpuraaw is blessed with many hard working talented artists.

Our mediums include wood carving, traditionalweaving, ghost net weaving, Lino Cut Printing, Etching and Painting."Before the white man came we carved images to use in ceremonies. We wouldweave baskets and fishnets for gathering food. We would paint our bodies anddraw designs in the sand. Today we use modern materials but our work stillconnects our "Old Ones".


Pormpuraaw is a Thaayorre village. People have lived here for thousands of years. We are still here today.

The word "pormpuraaw" means entrance way to a house in Thaayorre language. We have our own languages, culture and laws.

Thaayorre people are saltwater people who have always lived along this coastline.

Pormpuraaw Art & Culture