Gilbert Jack

Background Info

Date of Birth: 16/10/1955

Totem: Black Duck, Emu

Language: Wik-Mungkan, Kugu, Thaayorre

Clan: Thaayorre

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Gilbert Jack was born in 1955, he is a Thaayorre Elder and  traditional owner of Pormpuraaw. He speaks Thaayorre, Wik Mungkan and Kugu Mungkan.

Gilbert’s totems are the Emu and Black Duck.

Gilbert’s distinctive artworks depict traditional stories that belong to his country around Pormpuraaw and contemporary life in community.

Gilbert is one of the founding artists of the Pormpuraaw Art Centre, which opened in 2005.

Pormpuraaw is an Aboriginal community located 680 kilometres from Cairns on the west coast of the Cape York Peninsula.

Two groups of Aboriginal people live in Pormpuraaw. The Thaayorre people, who originated from the area to the south that included the Coleman River and a second group known as the Mungkan people who are from the area to the north and north east that includes the Edward, Kendall and Holroyd Rivers.

Group Exhibitions

2012 Saltwater, Freshwater: Art from the people of Pormpuraaw - Alcaston Gallery, Melbourne VIC
2012 ANIMAL/HUMAN curated by Michele Helmrich - University of Queensland Art Museum, Brisbane QLD
2011 A New Beginning - Australian Art Network Galleries at Canopy Artspace, Cairns QLD


National Museum of Australia, Canberra ACT
The University of Queensland Collection


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Thaayorre Moon Creation Story

Minh Thatpar & Minh Pinch (Goanna & Crocodile)



Acrylic on Canvas


Etching on Paper

Acrylic paint on plywood