Lillian Jackson

Background Info

Date of Birth: 28/09/1961

Totem: Emu

Language: Thaayorre

Clan: Thaayorre

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I am a Thaayorre language group and a traditional owner of Pormpuraaw. I speak two different languages plus English. I Grew up in Pormpuraaw. Went to school in 1 to 7 in Pormpuraaw and then went to for 8,9, 10 Herberton boarding school. I worked at the council office doing administration a couple of years. I worked at the HACC centre taking of old people a couple of years. I helped raise my niece and nephew. I enjoy fishing with family. I started making art about 4 years ago. At first I was doing a lot of sewing making clothes and such. Now I am learning how to paint and make ghost net sculptures. It is a lot of fun and I enjoy working on projects and being with my grand children and other relatives.