Lindsay Darkan

Background Info

Date of Birth: 22/04/1963

Totem: Black Cookatoo & White Cookatoo

Language: Kugu

Clan: Kugu

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I am a Freshwater man. The Black Cookatoo and White Cockatoo are my totems.

I grew up in Hopevale, my father's country. I went to school till grade 7 where I started making art when I was a little kid. In those days, I loved drawing comic books and cartoons. When I was older started on my own designs. Now I like making paintings about the old ways of living on country, before European colonisation.

I like to paint things that Aboriginal people would enjoy hanging on their walls. I have one daughter and two grandchildren. I have three brothers and two sisters. One of my brothers is a good artist and he draws and paints very different to me. I came to Pormpuraaw in 2011. I came to get away from grog and drugs. I have many relatives here in Pormpuraaw and Aurukun. I like living here because life is slower and there is less pressure.