Mavis Ngok Thaathunpum Benjamin

Background Info

Date of Birth: 15/07/1973

Totem: -

Language: -

Clan: Thaayorre

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I grew up in Pormpuraaw. I speak two traditional languages plus English. When I was a girl we lived in a tin houses with no electricity. Our shop was a tin shack with no refrigeration no electricity nothing. My mom taught me how to hunt for turtle, crabs, fishing and use of plants. I went to primary school here them went to State School in Herberton. I did not like it there and then went to Warick. I went till grade 10 and then wet to Wangetti and did year 11 and 12. I repeated grade 12 twice then went to work as a cashier here at council office. I worked at council office fore two years then worked at airport. Worked at our local community heath organisation named Pormpur Paanth and worked in administration office for 3 years. I raised two boys named Zachariah and Jamie. I have always enjoyed painting and drawing. I enjoy sewing dresses and skirts kids clothes. I like to paint my totems. The totems that belong to my father and mother. Totems are our ancestors. Totems which country we belong to. Totems are what we become when we die. By painting my totems I am connecting to culture and my identity.