Rosie Lowdown

Background Info

Date of Birth: 2/10/1963

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When I was growing up, my dad was working as a ringer in the Gulf country - Inkerman & Normanton way. My mum worked there as a cook. My brother was only one or two and I was five. We stayed a couple of years. When the mustering was finished, we flew from Normanton to Kowanyama (Mitchell River) by ANA plane. We stayed in Kowanyama for about 2 weeks then went to Edward RIver by boat. The boat was called Steven Davis and it used sail power. I went to school in in Edward River (Pormpuraaw). Dad kept riding horses and gradually moved east with his work. Mum stayed at home with the children.

During 1975 - 6, I travelled to Melbourne to have Christmas holidays with Harold Blair, a missionary and teacher. Harold was an aboriginal man who invited children from each community on the Cape to have this experience.

After primary school, in 1978, I went to school in Herberton on the Atherton Tableland and finished Years 8 and 9, and most of year 10. This was the first time I lived away from my family.

My dad died in Laura in 1984, and my mum came back to Pormpuraaw. We still live here today, my three siblings, my mum and I. I have worked at the library as co-ordinator for the Council. But now I am happy to say I am painting at the Art Centre and look forward to learning about art, and exhibiting my work.